Grant for New PRIO Middle East Centre


5 July 2019

Grant for New  PRIO Middle East Centre
Photo: Martin Tegnander / PRIO

This fall, PRIO will launch a new Middle East Centre, having received a four-year grant from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (administered by the Research Council of Norway). 

The new grant comes from a specialized grant scheme – Strategiske insituttsatsinger (SIS) in Norwegian – which is a programme that invests strategically in research institutes, aiming to cultivate competence in a particular area and to offer tangible knowledge to users within the extended apparatus of the Ministry (including embassies and Norad, the Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation).

PRIO is extremely pleased to receive the new grant, and  particularly highlights that this grants scheme allows long-term focus combined with flexibility.

The new centre will be led by Kristian Berg Harpviken, and will be launched this fall.

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