Podcast Episode on Ramadan, Zakat and Muslim Charity


29 April 2021

Podcast Episode on Ramadan, Zakat and Muslim Charity

​In a new episode of 'PRIO's Peace in a Pod', Senior Researcher Kaja Borchgrevink talks about zakat and how Sunni Muslim charity has become transnational. She is joined by Amelia Fauzia, Professor of Islamic history at Syarif Hidayatullah State Islamic University Jakarta. 

​April 12 kicked off the month of Ramadan, an important time of year for Muslims. It is a time for contemplation, prayer, and community. It is also a time when many donate "zakat", a kind of charity or almsgiving. Zakat generates billions of US dollars in donations per year, although exact numbers are near-impossible to pin down. Learn more in the newest episode of 'PRIO's Peace in a Pod'.

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See also more on Borchgrevink's research project, that sets out to understand how Muslim humanitarian actors relate to, interpret, and respond to the Sustainable Development Goals, here

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