Siri Aas Rustad

Siri Aas Rustad

Research Director


Mobile phone: 47 917 00 274

Twitter: @SiriRustadPRIO

Research Interests

I have a wide range of research interests, which can be divided in to three main categories.

The first category is related to conflict data and trends. In particular I'm interested in seeking to find what hidden stories the data tell us. Further, I have also worked extensively on ceasefires and non-state conflicts.

The second category is human consequences of conflicts. This entails research on inequalities, aid efficiency, maternal and child health, education, sexual violence and in particular children in conflict.

Finally, a large share of my research is devoted to natural resources and environment. I have looked at the resource curse, natural resource management in post-conflict, EITI, climate change, and conflicts related to new energy projects and climate mitigation projects such as REDD+

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