Recent Publications

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Martins, Bruno Oliveira; Pinar Tank & Beste İşleyen (2023) Turkish Drones as a Foreign Policy Tool: A Technology-Mediated Search for Autonomy, MidEast Policy Brief, 1. Oslo: PRIO.
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Tank, Pinar (2022) Erdoğans "nei": finsk og svensk NATO-medlemskap i skyggen av tyrkisk utenrikspolitikk [Erdogans "no": Finnish and Swedish NATO membership in the shadow of Turkish foreign policy], Den norske Atlanterhavskomité - Ukens analyse, 28 June.
Jensehaugen, Jørgen (2022) En kort introduksjon til Israel-Palestina-konflikten [A brief introduction to the Israel-Palestine conflict]. Oslo: Cappelen Damm Academisk.
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